laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal
laser hair removal

laser hair removal

Model NO.
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the most popular technologies applied in the hair removal. First used at professional
dermatology and top salon, spa. It has been proved as safe and effective. Around the world for more than 20 years, own a number of good feedbacks from users and let them make experience a professional hair removal.
If you are looking for an IPL hair removal device for your customers, Our IPL hair removal is here to you!
Product Name
IPL Laser Hair Removal For Home Use
Lamp tube
Xenon quartz tube
Light source
Intense Pulsed Light
Energy Frequency
Energy Level
5 levels adjustments
Two treatment modes
Manual Flash /Automatic Flash
Focus size
Lamp tube life
500000 times
Operating temperature range
Operating humidity range
Relative humidity 30%~60%
Using Tips
The hair removal cycle is using 6-15 times.
*Using one time every 2 weeks from first to sixth treatment.
*Using one time every 4 weeks after sixth treatment.
*If you find it comes into new hair after 6-15 treatment,you can switch to maintenance treatment. Such as every 2 or 3
months,depends on individual hair growth rhythm
THE ULTIMATE HAIR REMOVAL IPL TECHNOLOGY Are you tired of traditional ways of hair removal? Or are you looking for a permanent and safe way to remove excess hair No harm to your health? Well, we bring you this FDA certified and approved home permanent IPL laser hair removal device for men and women. Clinically Approved with High Safety Scientific research has shown IPL (intense pulsed light) technology to be safe for hair removal. Many professional dermatologists and salons use this technology because: It has a permanent effect after complete treatment and solves the problem of excess hair. It is safe with no side effects Provides a relatively painless process if compared to some traditional hair removal systems Gentle and Effective in shrinking pores Very Affordable and Effective The lamp head has a long life with 500000 flashes. The results are satisfactory with tech that kills the hair follicle to keep effectively hair removal. We have real tests reports from all over the world. Unerring and Easy Operation The technology is built to protect your eye from the flashes and you also get goggles when operating. IPL is only activated when in contact with the skin and no gel required. Simply put the device vertically and touch the skin closely to start treatment. PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL FOR WOMEN & MEN

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